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Invest Together, Vibe Together, Thrive Together

The Mission

The GMers is a collection of 50,000 stick figures on Solana striving to be the world’s largest DAO.

GMers is a transparent organization focused on building a team that is passionate about providing value to holders and to the Solana ecosystem in the form of education, networking, art procurement, charity, and tools.

GMers wants to empower investors, brands, and degens while onboarding and retaining new users. The goal is to all succeed together by using the resources provided to the community to find the best investments, trades, alpha, mints, and more.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.


Here is a list of tentative roadmap goals:
- Staking/Raffles
- DAO Treasury Set-Up
- Raid2Earn
- Software Tools
- Community Building
- Creator Hub
- Project Committee
- Spreading the Good Vibes
- ?
More details on each of these can be found in our whitepaper.

The GMers Team

Community Team

The moving parts

Consisting of 25+ community managers, alpha callers, collab managers, raid leaders, and lead mods, this group acts as the core of the GMers team, handling everything from community building to finding us the best calls to raiding with the rest of us. This team was handpicked by Ace to deliver consistently week in and week out. More info on this team can be found in the Whitepaper.

This team also consists of 100+ raiders, hungry to join the team if one of the core members were to not perform to expectations.



In the cryptosphere since 2016, Ace began his journey investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum in his college days. After college, he took up crypto full time, trading Bitcoin and altcoins until he found NFTs in Summer of 2020. Ace was around for both the early days of the ETH NFT run as well as the early days of SOL NFTs. Now here to give back to the community and bring the good vibes.

The Round Table

The Elites

A handpicked group of 15-20 builders, developers, and influencers in the space. This group is here to provide advisory help, providing connections, support, and advice when possible. This is a dangerous group.